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Does Direct Primary Care (DPC) represent a superior approach to fee-for-service medicine? Proponents of this emerging concept say it’s a resounding yes under the right circumstances. DPC is a flat-rate alternative with no insurance claims or third-party billing that costs as little as $50 to $70 a month. We believe there are clear advantages for both employees and employers, not to mention benefit advisors for whom it can prove to be a meaningful prospecting tool. 


Some of the benefits of DPC include: 

  • Reduction in often unnecessary and costly emergency department visits 

  • Prevention of acute illness and chronic conditions by detecting early warning signs and symptoms 

  • Improved engagement resulting from stronger doctor-patient relations

  • Increased employee productivity along with lower absenteeism 

Direct Primary Care has been debated in the employee benefits arena for many years, but we believe the benefits are strong for both employees and employers.

This article from The Self-Insured provides a wide-ranging view of how DPC is being implemented. After you read it, I would love the opportunity to show you how I can make DPC work for your business.

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Want to learn how you can put DPC to work for your business? Contact me today.

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