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There has been a lot of talk in recent years about Reference-Based Pricing (RBP) as an indispensable tool for avoiding wild price variations on a range of costly medical services. But confusion and consternation also have been part of that discussion with lawsuits and surprise balance bills serving as a backdrop. 


What exactly is RBP?


Simply put, it's a strategy seeking to reimburse facility-based services by using the actual costs of delivering those services as a reference point. We developed a 2.0 version of RBP which removes any obstacles and serves as an employee benefits advisor’s secret weapon to help clients and prospects tame the healthcare beast.


To learn more about our unique approach, which is producing 18% to 22% savings versus current medical program costs, click HERE to download this informative RBP Fact Sheet.  

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Want to learn how you can put RPB to work for your business? Contact me today.

Michael Hand

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