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Trusted - Convenient - Less Expensive

Imagine a simpler and more affordable way to pay for healthcare services that have become overly complicated and costly. Amid mounting frustration with fee-for-service medicine, Direct Primary Care (DPC) has emerged as a flat-rate alternative that has piqued the interest of benefit advisors and their employer clients.


With no insurance claims or third-party billing to review and process, DPC physicians can focus on practicing medicine. That, in turn, strengthens doctor-patient relations, builds trust and improves member engagement. DPC members enjoy unlimited, 24/7 access to their own physician across a variety of platforms and can schedule same-day appointments without enduring long wait times or feeling rushed out the door. The easier it is for them to access healthcare, the more inclined they will be to follow doctor’s orders and stay healthy.


For a flat monthly fee that’s as little as $50 to $70, DPC members no longer have to guess what their out-of-pocket cost ultimately will be after a doctor visit. In essence, the variable cost of traditional health insurance is replaced by fixed fees that benefit employers and employees alike.  


Curious to know more about how DPC works? Watch this video for an overview. 

Want to learn how you can put DPC to work for your business? Contact me today.

Randy Howell

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