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This event is being hosted by Advisor, and Industry Trailblazer, Emma Passé Fox, COO of E Powered Benefits. She is hosting a panel of experts from various sides of the industry sharing some of the leading strategies being used right now to maximize their Benefits ROI while adding value to employees and their families.

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 Dr. Stephen Cohen

Pioneering Surgeon, Academic, and Active Telemedicine Professional


HOST: Emma Passé Fox

COO of E Powered Benefits

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Julian Lago

President of Benezon

Eric Silverman.png

Eric Silverman

Founder of Voluntary Disruption

Lester Morales.png

Lester J Morales

CEO/Founder of Next Impact

In this session, you will hear how:

  • Technology is being used to help communicate, update and motivate anxious employees

  • Telemedicine is providing access to healthcare in preservation of social distancing

  • Advocacy and a flexible platform can maximize your benefits package


The hidden gem of this session is that all of these solutions have a positive cost impact for employers and their employees.


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Learn how to maximize your benefits ROI while helping your employees and their family. Space is limited, so be among the first attendees to sign up for this event!

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