Celebrate Innovation

Rising prescription drug (Rx) costs are one of the nation's fast-growing components of healthcare, which means employers, and their advisors, must slay this beast before they can bend the cost curve in any meaningful way.

With the holidays upon us we wanted to celebrate, and give thanks, to some of the innovation in this vertical that is allowing employers to make immediate impact. This month we will discuss the games that are played in the prescription drug (Rx) space by pharmacy benefit managers (PBM).


Their No. 1 tactic is called spread pricing. It occurs when PBMs keep a portion of the amount health plans pay them instead of passing full payments on to pharmacies. The resulting shell game eliminates any transparency, hiding from employers and their advisors the true cost of prescription drugs.


How do you control something you can’t see? Ask your PBM partners if they allow spread pricing? Want to learn more? Watch this video.


Webinar: Celebrate Innovations in Rx

Join several leading industry experts on December 5 for a webinar that will help you:

  • Understand the impacts of spread pricing

  • Realize that MOST rebates DO NOT equal the LOWEST cost

  • Learn strategies that can impact your pharmacy spend by 30%–50% immediately. All while saving costs for members


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